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Jul 16, 2011

LA street food fest 2011

Matt and I braved carmagedon to get our street food sampling on!

Cool haus double chocolate ice cream sandwich w gray sea salt

Mision 19 oysters

Fried Mac and cheese ball stuffed w pulled pork

Poutine (Matt's favorite)

Free booze

Matt and I :)

Shumai and cheeseburger dumpling

Boba tea ;)

Pork lettuce wraps

Mac n rib melt, holy shiz!

Pandan doughnut hole



Shrimp taquito

Smokey chipotle cake ball

Spanikopita and spiced cookie

Line for cool haus later on in the night

So many food trucks, so little time

Watermelon Rosemary and caramel sea salt shaved ice


I'm full :)

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