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Oct 29, 2010

shredded brussel sprouts salad

I have been on quite the brussel sprouts kick lately! I feel like I missed out on them all my life because they got such a bad rap and I was scared to try them. Now I eat at least a bag a week, I have to put forth effort to eat other vegetables! Truthfully, the reason I haven't blogged more this past week is because I thought you would get sick of seeing roasted brussel sprouts.

Well, as you can imagine, I nearly squealed with joy when I saw the Shredded Sprouts Salad post on How Sweet It Is! A new way to eat brussel sprouts? Yes, please!!!

I started by shredding my sprouts...


Notice anything missing? Like... the blade? Imagine my surprise when nothing happened.


Much better!


You want them shredded, not pulverized!

Then, saute them with olive oil and garlic over medium heat


After they start to brown, add a glug or two of vinegar and a few dashes of salt, cook for a couple minutes more. DONE! Easy, huh?

I had mine with a Trader Joe's chicken burger and an unpictured slice of Matt's Trader Joe's frozen four cheese pizza which I thought was unimpressive, but like they say, even when it's bad, its still pretty good!



Oh ya, and a healthy sprinkle of Romano cheese right over the top. I didn't have any bacon, but I bet it would be amazing with :) Head over to Jessica's blog for the full recipe.

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  1. What a great idea for brussell sprouts! I never would have thought of shredding them. Had to be delicious! I'm going to be sure to give it a try.